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eben lee hall


My art is about a love for material, form, and process. I do not limit myself to one particular medium, but instead choose to experiment with a variety of materials including wood, steel, clay, paint, plaster, and Corian. I feel a partnership with the materials, and am energized as I see my work take shape through the processes of painting, welding, cutting, corroding, sanding, firing, and the use of CNC routers and laser cutters.


Learning the nature of a material, how it behaves and reacts through manipulation and alteration, fascinates and leads me to new possibilities. I ask questions of the materials and seek to discover the answers.  Can plaster be used to create a table? How will metal paint corrode if rock salt is introduced?  What can be done with Corian in a laser cutter?


My body of work includes furniture: chairs, tables, and lamps; sculptural forms: cast bronze and machine-altered Corian; and paintings: abstract and non-objective. I am avidly curious and allow new discoveries to lead to new projects, never imposing boundaries on myself. 

eben lee hall
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